My Iron Butt 5000 Rally

This is the blog that I started for friends and family to follow my Long Distance Riding preparation and competition in the inaugural Iron Butt 5000, a 5 day 5000 mile motorcycle rally. In May 2011, Mike Kneebone for the IBA announced there would not be an IB5000 in 2012, but instead that the IBA and Team Strange would be sponsoring the But Lite 6IX in 2012. So that makes this blog a bit of Long Distance History, so I've decided to leave it as it is for historical purposes. I will create other blogs as I have new adventures and rally competitions.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hooked Up and Ready to Ride

I have wrapped up the Aux Tank install. The fuel line, vent hose, and grounding are all hooked up. I have a basic black cover and foam padding for it right now, but this will be updated and improved. The transfer works well and the set-up looks pretty good with the bags on both sides. The first picture shows the installed fuel line to the tank (I did add a hose clamp after the picture was taken). The second picture shows it all back together with the black cover and bags hooked up.


  1. well first i would like to thank you very much for your excellent photo documentation of the axillary tank installation, something that i have been think about for about 2 years or so.I to have often imagined what it would be like to go on such an adventure. i recently purchased my second bike off E-BAY at a fantastic price a 2003 Honda VTX 1800C (wish i could afford a gold wing )which i bagged out,adding a fairing ,sound system,custom paint,and navigation system... the bike already had a host of upgrades which have the bike running like a Timex/dream i am extremely happy with it's performance, and handling although the fuel economy/ mileage isn't great around 30 to 35 miles per gallon with range of around 100 miles before the aux lite comes on never ran out of gas tho.. only has 3 and a half gallon factory tank(with EFI). i have decided to get the tour tank but not sure if the 3.5 gallon or the 4 gallon size and the mounting location; that's why i find your solution/idea in-genius... just perfect!i have researched via tour tanks comments and problems regarding various mounting locations/solution with mounting on the luggage rack(which crack after time) or inside the trunks(little baby keg takes up a lot of space) of HD vs Metric... i have also seen tanks that fit the sub frame between the rear swing arm and tire sadly its only available for Suzuki and Kawasaki well at least not for my bike... nice clean install tho; now the handling didn't appear Tobe an issue just thought of it as a small passenger didn't think the gas sloshing around should make that big an issue... so in closing and ending my rambling thanks again for the insight and inspiration looking forward with great excitement and anticipation your adventures =0)

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Good Luck with your install. Check out my friend Alec's Blog he just did an upgrade to his fuel cell on his Shadow.