My Iron Butt 5000 Rally

This is the blog that I started for friends and family to follow my Long Distance Riding preparation and competition in the inaugural Iron Butt 5000, a 5 day 5000 mile motorcycle rally. In May 2011, Mike Kneebone for the IBA announced there would not be an IB5000 in 2012, but instead that the IBA and Team Strange would be sponsoring the But Lite 6IX in 2012. So that makes this blog a bit of Long Distance History, so I've decided to leave it as it is for historical purposes. I will create other blogs as I have new adventures and rally competitions.

Friday, April 30, 2010

RI Flood Damage

This is a bit late, but back on April 3 I took a ride around RI to check out some of the flood damage.  My intended route was to take 102 north from Exeter to the boarder of MA.  I ended up taking several detours as the roads were flooded out and closed.   I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, it was impressive what water did to these roads!